Electrical Geophysical Monitoring Software and Services

Subsurface Insights geophysical monitoring overview Subsurface Insights recently (February 2014) introduced its fully autonomous cloud based electrical geophysical monitoring software. This software automatically and autonomously takes care of all aspects of electrical geophysical data acquisition, data management, data qa/qc, processing and reporting. Users interface with the software through a standard browser using a username/login combination and can access data and results, set and modify alerts on multiple aspects of the data. Data is available directly after processing completion. This software is currently in operation using a 256 electrode resistivity system at the Hanford 300 area, where it daily processes 160 thousand resistivity measurements and provides PNNL scientists with near real time information about river/groundwater interaction as observed by the geophysical monitoring array.

To find out more about electrical geophysical monitoring is please consult the primer provided by Subsurface Insights.

Contact Subsurface Insights for a no obligation demonstration and/or webinar on this software and to discuss whether autonomous electrical geophysical monitoring would be a feasible option to get information on your site.

In addition to this software Subsurface Insights also provides consulting services related to all aspects of electrical geophysical monitoring.